Supreme Truth

Rare is the One who… IS the moment of Truth. No words, no practices and no teaching,
just a Pure Presence of Silent hood.

Paramatma Aum Ammaís Darshan is an Experience.

  • An experience which is unimaginable
  • An experience which is inexpressible
  • An experience which must be embraced!

A glimpse of bliss, feeling of unconditional love, mental peace and calmness, absence of worry..all this and more is what attracts devotees to Aum Amma.
Amma is the embodiment of selflessness. We are able to learn what truth, dharma or righteousness, renunciation, and love mean because Aum Amma lives those qualities. Amma is filled with love for all devoteesThe true meaning of Guru is “one who dispels darkness of ignorance”. “Gu” means “darkness of ignorance” and “Ru” means “one who removes“.
God it Self .

The syllable gu means shadows
The syllable ru, he who disperses them,
Because of the power to disperse darkness
the guru is thus named.

Miraculous manifestations of Paramatma Aum Amma

There are certain divine manifestations that have a unique significance as regards to The Supreme Bieng. Aum Amma is most unlike other Saints. Devotees have seen an exceptional phenomenon during Darshans There is miraculous manifestation of the symbol Aum mantra which appears shining on Amma’s forehead. This manifestation in itself is quite an unusual, rare and unknown phenomenon; distinctive to Amma only, bringing the name…

Paramatma Aum Amma

The mantra (Aum) appears shining on Amma’s forehead.

This mantra has never appeared before in such a way on any Sage.

Namah Aum Kara Roopaya Namaha

All this world is the symbol Aum (Om). Its further explanation is this; the past the present and the future everything is just Aum and whatever is beyond these three periods of time is also just Aum.

The Pranava is the symbol of Brahman. It is the word of Power. From Aum this world is projected, in Aum it exists and in Aum it dissolves during Cosmic Pralaya. Aum is the essence of all the Four Vedas. (Sivajnanamrita Upanishad).

Significance of Aum has been glorified in the Vedas, Upanishads and other Ancient Texts too. “Namah Aum Kara Roopaya Namaha” simply indicates, to That we offer our obeisance, the embodied Form of Aum.


This whole world is the symbole “Aum” (OM). the past, the present and the future and that which is beyond (Paramatma) these three periods of time are also just ‘Aum”. – Mandukya Upanishad

Aum, the primal sound, the symbol of which is

That which is the source sound of creation,

Amma, Mother without whom creation is not possible,

both have incarnated as One,

Aum Amma.

Paramatma Aum Amma, Paramathma Jyothi

Paramatma Aum Amma Paramathma Jyothi, (refer video clip Pranava Darshan). This video clip was shot during one of Amma’s Darshan, it was quite dark inside the cave as there wasn’t much natural light pouring in. A sudden flicker of light started emanating from Amma’s eyes, this unique moment has got captured in this video. In the other videos the Light of Aum can be seen very clearly shining of Amma’s Forehead.

Paramatma Aum Amma of the Whole Universe,

The Most Beloved God

Paramatma Aum Amma, The Living Form of God

The Manifestation of Truth

Paramatm Aum Amma, The Living Form of Bliss

Divine manifested Aum Karam

The Supreme Bieng Presence is the guiding Light in our lives. As it is said, ‘when the student is ready, the Teacher appears’, so also when the Soul is ready, by the Paramatma Aum Amma Grace alone, is it brought in the vicinity of Amma. Without the blessings of Para-Sakthi, Paramatma cannot be realised. In our search for Truth it is the Divine Grace of the Amma (embodiment of Para-Sakthi) that unveils the Source – AUM (embodiment of Paramathma) to us, where both have incarnated as ONE in the Form of our Beloved Aum Amma.

Our humble prostrations to Thee our most Beloved One,

Paramatma Aum Amma

May Thy Grace be with us, forever and ever.


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