Praise Your Love

Namo Aum Karam Roopaya Namah.

The mantra, japa, yoga, dhyana, meditations, self-enguiry, chanting of Bhajans, hymns and worship are all actions and means of reaching god.

Devotion is when one is dedicated with absolute Parshuddi (purity of mind) to the Living Incarnation of Supreme Truth.

For, without Devotion it is not possible to receive the Grace of the Paramatma.

Pooja when performed with such a purity of Heart, to the Living Incarnation of Supreme Truth is beyond any selfish intent.

The devotees of Paramatma Aum Amma, the True Embodiment of Living God Almighty, are offering the blissful pooja along with meditation, self-enquiry, frevent prayers and vibrant chants to our Beloved Paramatma Aum Amma for the attainment of Sat Chit Anand. (Truth – Awareness – Bliss)

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